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Cynda Media Lab

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Cynda Media Lab is an award-winning transdisciplinary design studio specializes in branding, motion graphics, app/web design, and experience design. Cynda Media Lab’s creative team believes design is creativity with purpose, and the best design solution is a result of research, exploration, and obsessive attention to detail. At Cynda Media Lab, everyone is encouraged to ask “why,” explore “what if,” and always have the courage to try the “why not.”

Our focus is to serve human needs through the innovative combinations of visual communication, user experience design, and digital technology. We identify new methods and channels to serve and support companies and organizations while developing designs that are aesthetically beautiful, technologically feasible, and economically viable. We have the aspiration and ability to use cutting-edge technology to drive creativity, but our processes and goals are always human-centered.

Our post-digital philosophy points to an attitude that is more concerned with the user rather than following digital trends. We seek to keep solutions simple and human-centered through our expert command of digital technology. With the needs of our clients in mind, we develop social media strategies, interactive experiences, and graphic design solutions to help them amplify the visibility and desirability of their brands, products, or services. All of our design innovations are done with the capability of our clients and the profiles of their target audiences in mind.

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