Marithe and Her Heart’s Desire

Marithe and Her Heart’s Desire is a portrait of a particularly odd young woman who talks to the moon about love. It is inspired by a musical fairy tail written and performed by Benjamin Britten and Bruce Adolphe with the text adapted from Roland Barthes’ “A Lovers Discourse.

As Roland Barthes says at the front of A Loves Discourse: “…the lovers discourse is today of an extreme solitude. This discourse is spoken, perhaps by thousands, but warranted by no one”

Again Barthes says “[A Lovers Discourse is] … the site of someone speaking within [themselves], amorously, confronting the other, who does not speak”

Where Barthes offers a portrait that is not psychological but “instead, a structural one that offers the reader a discursive site” , this work is intended to be psychological and emotional in the performance of its’ text. It explores the solitude and quiet emotion of a particularly odd young woman, Marithe.

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