Project Max

ProjectMaxL: Building Human-Centered Business Software

What do we mean when we talk about user experience? It’s pretty simple: it means creating software that helps people accomplish what they want to do easily and makes them want to use the software again.

Even at work, people want technology to be as easy-to-learn and beautiful as it is when they shop online, play video games, or use apps on their phones.

To build business software that not only helps people work better but also helps businesses be successful, you have to know more than just the technology. You have to understand the users and their context: what they are trying to do, where they are trying to do it, and all the other things that are going on around them while they work. You also need to understand the business and what its employees and the technology need to do to help it succeed.

With this understanding gained from research, observation and testing, information architects, user experience designers, product designers, software engineers, and developers work with product managers, business experts, and sometimes even customers to design and build applications that satisfy the user and the business.

Technology has to work for all kinds of people—younger people; older people; people who speak different languages; people who have physical differences, to name just a few considerations. A great user experience enables all users to be successful.

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