This Machine Kills Fascists (TMKF)

This project is being developed in collaboration with designer Ashley Pigford and engineer Dustyn Roberts. Inspired by a statement written on Woody Guthrie’s guitar This Machine Kills Fascists (TMKF) is a guitar playing robot that performs traditional American folk music on a portable stage. Sheet music with the song lyrics are printed and left on the benches set up in front of the stage and audience members will be encouraged to sing along to the music.

TMKF is very high tech and low-tech, combining the analog tradition of folk music and digital technology of robotics. Our project is inherently positive and seeks to bring people together through music. It uses a strategy of generating empathy and goodwill with an artificial intelligence to make us ask questions of the kind of community we may or may not be making with actual humans. With TMKF we hope to create a compelling experience that starts conversations.

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